Check back here often for updates about current or upcoming projects.

Hello! Welcome to the blog page for Vapid Games. This is a one man shit show attempting to make fun stuff for people I know.
Currently I have an untitled zombie game in development. It's essentially a COD zombies clone that started out as a test for NPC pathfinding and AI. But I wanted to test some network multiplayer functionality as well.
Then I decided to add a website because the domain name was cheap and why not. Then I decided this would be a good platform to post updates on the progress of any projects I may be working on.

And thus, this monstrosity was born!

For now, links to blog posts will be placed on this page, but as development progresses, I will add a hierarchy.
Posts will eventually be organized by Project Name > Year > Month. Post titles will be a summary of the update and all posts will have a date.