World building, interactivity, & singleplayer


In an attempt to keep everything in house, I decided not to use pre-made assets in the final product. This means then that I have to create every single thing that will be in the game by myself. Every tree, building, animal. Everything that you see and everything you don't see. I'm starting to understand why most companies have entire teams...

The short term problem to making everything myself is that some things require talent or experience. Of which I have very little.
Modeling any type of organic shape is difficult for me as I am not an artist. And modeling a person or animal is just out of question. Making buildings is more realistic as most buildings are geometric shapes. Most of today was spent building one of several houses that will be in the first level. It's starting to take shape, but after 12 hours, that's all it is. A shape. No details. No textures. No finish materials. No interior design. Not even a door. It has most of its walls, most of its roof, and most of its windows.
I'm not complaining though. It was pretty fun to work on some design and be creative. It was almost like designing a house in The Sims. Except nothing snaps into place, the roof isn't automatically generated, and I have to make all the furniture from nothing.

I plan on having at least 4 different house designs that I'll be able to copy and paste onto different "lots" on the map. And also if any other maps require a house, I'll have them premade and ready to go. Even though there will be about 20 houses in total, I don't need 20 unique buildings as this level is a subdivision neighborhood and all those houses are cookie-cutter anyway. So at least that makes it a little easier. Thank god for are immitating life.

But I enjoy creating funcitonality the most. Assets that require scripts and coding are the most fun. I also made breakable glass windows. You can see the gif below for a expose[1] of the windows in action. It's pretty simple, but took me a minute to figure out how to do it. But how it works is; If a raycast (basically a player shooting) or applicable game object hits the window, it will delete the window, compute a cubic area where the window was, and then create several triangular pieces of glass at random points in the computed area that then immediately fall to the ground. Simple.

Below are also screenshots of the progress on the first house.

Current house build 1
Current house build 2
Current house build 3
Breakable glass